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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Welcome On Board!

Earlier this week we announced we’d entered into nine new partnerships with a range of companies providing complementary web marketing technologies and services.

Our partners can leverage our content optimisation technology to add value to and cement existing client relationships. Maxymiser can take the data and expertise that these organisations already do business with and use it to deliver quantifiable uplifts in conversion rates for clients.

The key driver for these partnerships is that client demand for onsite optimisation is growing as the cost of acquiring high quality traffic increases. This gives marketers greater reason to focus on getting more revenue from existing traffic. Gone are the days when acquisition efforts could be scaled up with simple budget increases; beyond a certain point, traffic quality becomes an issue and conversion rate suffers.

Maxymiser uses artificial intelligence to quickly deduce the campaigns that are having the best impact on response rates online. By monitoring live visitor response to web content, our technology serves the right campaign combinations to the right people at the right time in order to boost sales. Techniques including multivariate testing, visitor segmentation and behavioural targeting are supported in Maxymiser’s optimisation suite.

By trialling solutions to bottlenecks identified in analytics or assessing the impact that usability-led changes have on metrics, we close the loop on many other disciplines, making their expertise actionable and highlighting the value added to the bottom line.

Visitor segmentation creates additional synergies with our partners. We can optimise to find the optimal content for groups of visitors already defined in an analytics tool, by keyword group as inputted by a PPC agency or by traffic source from an advertising network.

Our partners in areas of online marketing as diverse as web analytics, search marketing and usability can now help their clients address this challenge. Take a look around our partner section to learn more when you have a spare moment.

Peter Ellen

MD (Services)

Mark Simpson is currently on Holiday somewhere sunnier than the UK

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