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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Conversion Management – More than a testing tool

The notion of proactively managing onsite conversion rate has reached a tipping point. Conversion management transforms conversion rate from being a figure that is simply reported to something that can be strategically managed and measurably improved.

“It is vital that we continue to innovate and improve online to stay ahead of our competition and Maxymiser is a very important part of that strategy. The uplift generated by Maxymiser has delivered us millions of pounds in additional revenue.”
Matt Douglas, Senior eMarketing Manager, Alliance & Leicester
See our multivariate testing case studies for this and more examples

To achieve these fantastic results, it is not only the choice of test tool that is critical, but also determining who will support the tool, create testing strategies and execute them. The resources and expertise you are able to leverage in effectively managing conversion rate will be the major determinant of the bottom line benefit to your business.

Effectively leveraging a multivariate testing tool to provide a successful conversion management strategy requires more thought than many anticipate at the outset. Effective conversion management strategies require careful analysis of web analytics data and past performance to identify the most profitable pages to test. Identifying the best variants to test also requires careful consideration and benefits from expertise in what is worth testing and where. This can only be built up by running tests day in and day out. The creative and copy to be tested also takes time and skill to develop.

The question of who will support the tool is one of risk reduction; any situation where your agency or IT department can bill you by the hour whilst they fathom how to deploy a free tool to your site is to be avoided. Our clients benefit from named account managers who have the ear of our R&D team meaning we can go very technical at very short notice to ensure your tests are deployed on time without unexpected cost.

When it comes to conversion management, remember to give these areas a thought. Feel free to get in touch if we can help by providing further details of how we resource our accounts to ensure we provide a full conversion management service, not just a testing tool.

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