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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Loyalty Programs: Five Steps to a Five-Star Online Travel Experience

  • Loyalty programs are huge for any travel brand these days. That's why Maxymiser feels it's important to integrate them properly into a 360-degree online customer experience initiative. Recently, an article addressing this was published in Below is an excerpt. You can read the full article here with a subscription.
    The travel industry is more diversified than ever before. With a myriad of online travel agencies providing one-stop shops for everything from airfare and room and board to transportation and tours, these sites aren’t only waging pricing wars against each other, they’re competing directly with hotels, airlines, rental car and tour companies.
    Now, more and more consumers are taking advantage of this industry battle to please their own wallets. Always-on-the-prowl bargain hunters can make marketing in the travel industry difficult - especially for companies that can’t compete price-wise. But how do you create and maintain brand loyalty when consumers have hundreds, if not thousands, of choices? By ensuring that visitors have a successful browsing and booking experience.
    Hotel CRM, loyalty programs, reward points and status levels—when executed correctly—can significantly boost customer retention and long-term brand loyalty. Even better, these programs give hotel marketers and on-the-ground team members - such as concierges, management and front desk agents - deep levels of personalized data on guests that can be used to significantly improve their experience from the time of booking to the time of checkout. But most hotel marketers have yet to use these rich data portals to provide a seamless 360-degree brand experience ...

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