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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Turn Browsers Into Buyers: A New eBook

Any smart marketer knows that providing excellent customer experiences is a great ticket to revenue and loyalty. This is probably even more true in today’s digital world. 

Last year we surveyed hundreds of US marketers, and over 40% claimed converting site visitors into paying customers" was their primary website concern. So that’s why I decided to write “Turning Browsers Into Buyers: The Marketer’s Guide to Creating the Ultimate Online Experience”.    

Now, if you're interested at all in website conversion, I should know that you don't wake up at night thinking, "How do I create the ultimate online experience?"

You certainly don't spend your day in a cold sweat, wondering how to "turn browsers into buyers”.

So, why did I write this eBook?

Because marketing and optimization should not be based on instinct.

Because you are a real business, with real conversion concerns.

So, if you want to know what color your Add to Cart button should be, you're going to hate this eBook.

If you want to know how to get your team abide to an Internal Culture of Testing and Optimization, start reading.

If you're looking for ten steps toward better landing pages, you're going to be disappointed.
If you're frustrated that your website isn't doing better, and you're not afraid of change, you should be reading this eBook.

And this eBook just doesn’t claim we know what we're talking about, we present you with real case studies from real brands all over the globe who have struggled with conversions and managed to find their way into their customer’s hearts.

Yes, the customer is always right. Are you ready to listen to them?

Download the ebook today. I promise you will learn something valuable.

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