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Thursday, April 24, 2008

UK Brands Waste over £1bn on Unconverted Traffic

UK online advertising spend reached £2.8bn last year according to the IAB Adspend Survey 2007. However, the majority of brands are missing out on over half of convertible traffic simply due to ineffective web content.

In order to achieve sustained growth, brands must match increases in advertising spend with improvements in the effectiveness of on-site content. By investing a fraction of acquisition budgets on solutions to increase the conversion rate of a site, it becomes easier to gain ROI from all traffic sources.

A highly converting site doesn't only deliver more bottom line revenue in month one. Armed with an industry leading cost per acquisition, a marketer can play harder at the acquisition game, confident that they can outspend the competition whilst generating positive returns.

By testing live visitor response to different content variations on websites, it is possible to identify the content that best drives visitors towards any goal in a measurable and scientific way. As the cost of acquiring high quality traffic increases, the justification grows for investing in the optimisation of site content.

If the entirety of the UK ad spend was converted, the cost benefits for the market would run into billions. Our Automated Content Optimisation removes wastage by discovering the best performing content on your site and showing it to more visitors.

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