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Monday, April 21, 2008

Optimising E-Tail For All Sorts

Peter Ellen, MD, Maxymiser looks at post analytics optimisation and multichannel merchandising as a major source of new sales in our latest white paper. As online retail matures, it will face the operational challenges of a maturing discipline.

“Brands that fail to embrace content optimisation will deliver weak user experiences, loosing sales and loyalty to those with optimised online stores.”

Maxymiser’s Onsite Content Optimisation solutions enable retailers to progressively optimise user experience in a realtime live environment. This doesn’t require any focus groups or labs so you can get down to brass tacks much quicker. It does put your analytics data to excellent use by addressing the issues that analytics diagnose.

Download the Free Whitepaper "Optimising E-Tail For All Sorts" to learn about how content optimisation will drive better performance for your online presence.

As former Jupiter analyst Eric T. Peterson puts it, “If you're not testing, you're not really taking proper advantage of the data your analytics provides.”

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