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Monday, September 29, 2008

Wickes Boosts Online Sales by 9% with Maxymiser Multivariate Testing

Wickes, one of the UK’s leading hardware retailers, recently benefited from a 9% increase in sales conversions using Maxymiser’s multivariate testing to discover better performing content on their registration page.

Default Page from Multivariate TestAs a significant investor in online advertising, our client was eager to ensure that traffic driven was effectively exploited on site. This was achieved using Maxymiser’s multivariate testing under the guidance of our managed services team.

We worked with Wickes to design a number of variations on the sign in / registration page to identify content that would drive more visitors to continue to purchase. During the live visitor test we monitored both the click through and sales conversion rate of each variant.

Winner of Multivariate TestThe winning page (right) drove 9% more visitors to buy compared to the default (above).

A subsequent brief test of the winning content against a variant with the sign in and registration boxes reversed showed a 9.19% decrease in sales conversion rate. This serves to demonstrate the importance of live visitor testing; apparently subtle changes to content have a dramatic impact on sales conversion rate. Without testing, it is impossible to know whether existing content is up to scratch.

Wickes was able to make an informed decision on the content most suited to driving more sales from existing traffic levels. Subsequent analysis of business data revealed that this conversion rate uplift had a healthy six-figure annualised revenue value to the client.

This great result is just one stage of a longer term content optimisation engagement; the overall improvement is running at 40%.

By constantly discovering better performing web content, Maxymiser allows onsite marketers to continually improve sales in a measurable and low-risk way. Download the full PDF Wickes: Client Success from the Maxymiser website to read more.

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