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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Content Optimisation is Digital Best Practice

Content Optimisation is an activity that differentiates leading UK online marketers from the chasing pack according to a Best Practice guide from Leaders in the field are already investing in techniques such as multivariate testing to discover best performing content and reinforce their position.

In an interview on the guide, internet marketing guru Dr Dave Chaffey identifies “Continuous testing and improvement of targeting, offer, messaging and creative through techniques like multivariate testing” as one of three activities that set leading organisations in his survey apart.

The report notes a growing number of Conversion and Experience Management roles within e-commerce departments. We would add that this team should be targeted with improving site performance by discovering winning content to optimise visitor journeys. The final objective won’t always be sales conversions; organisations employing Maxymiser have increased brochure requests, newsletter signups and even test drive bookings to date.

Online marketing is very focussed on traffic acquisition. As an industry, we have a well established understanding of traffic driving activities but sometimes woefully-inadequate experience in converting that traffic. A mature online business should have people on the ground responsible specifically for on-site marketing, these are the guys that will ensure that the great traffic arriving at the site is converted before it exits to a competitor.

The Managing Digital Channels Best Practice Guide was released by e-consultancy last week containing a wealth of practical insight into how online marketing should be structured, budgeted for and assessed within organisations. It is must read material for those looking to ensure their online strategy across acquisitions, analytics, online CRM and personalisation is up to speed with the latest thinking.

Contact us if you’re ready to look at how content optimisation fits into your online strategy.

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