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Friday, November 07, 2008

Forrester Ranks Multivariate Testing in Eight "Small Web Site Investments That Pay Off"

Forrester recently went out into the field and asked marketers what web projects give them quick, large returns on their investment. In the findings, Multivariate Testing is praised as an investment that will "have a surprising affect on click-throughs" and return ROI quickly.

Three of the other quick wins to improve ROI will also excel when underpinned by multivariate testing or Maxymiser Content Delta, allowing marketers to discover the content that most successful at driving visitors to convert.

"One wireless carrier changed the location, color, and copy of the purchase button on its product. The result? The click-through rate went up 130%, and the conversion rate went up by 57%." Adele Sage, Forrester Small Web Site Investments That Pay Off

We have seen similar results with our own clients, double digit uplift in sales conversion rate is common. Read our client success stories from National Express, Wickes and Laura Ashley amongst others for a few examples.

This new research comes not long after Bloor released their own research on Onsite Conversion Management. That research can be downloaded for free from our website and provides a fantastic in-depth view of the business value of content optimisation.

"Many companies use web site statistics and analytics to good effect already; however content optimisation offers much greater ROI and visitor experience and is the next stage in market adoption and development."
Gerry Brown, Bloor.

By constantly discovering better performing web content, Maxymiser allows marketers to continually improve sales in a measurable and low-risk way. Contact us or visit our site to learn more

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