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Friday, December 19, 2008

Do Direct Debits Turn Women Off?

Knowing your customer is one of the great professional challenges of the marketer. Most web sites serve the same content to all visitors but forward-thinking marketers have come to realise that if you take a law of averages with your content, you’ll have to settle for an average conversion.

Conversion rate is critical to competitive advantage and its pro-active management underpins media spend and ROI. A web site with an underperforming conversion rate cannot compete effectively for traffic.

Maxymiser Content BT onsite behavioural targeting recently allowed DateTheUK to discover and exploit some interesting differences between the sexes.

"Maxymiser’s targeted pages have had a £100,000 incremental value to our business in the first two weeks of going live. This is just the tip of the iceberg, we believe that the rich behavioural data we have access to will open up an array of opportunities to better target our visitors."
Sean Wood, Marketing Director, DateTheUK

  • DirectDebit is a more compelling message for men than women, returning male visitors were 16.5% more likely to buy when this was highlighted

  • Although first time visitors were more likely to buy when shown a daily cost, returning male visitors were 14% more likely to buy when shown the monthly cost.

    Learn more by downloading our new whitepaper Behavioural Targeting is Good for You and Your Customers or contact us directly on +44 (0)207 149 3730 to hear how we can do similar for your site.
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