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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Your Visitors are Unique, Give Them Your Best Content

Why present the same content to all visitors when you already know a lot about what they want?

In a given day, your site will be browsed by thousands of visitors, all looking for different things. Targeting these visitors with the content most relevant to their needs will allow you to more effectively drive them to purchase and manage your cost of acquisition.

Segmentation should not be a process of simple categorisation, filtering your analytics reporting on visitors depending on their actions. To gain real benefit, visitor segmentation must be conducted as part of a closed loop process. Once segments are defined, winning content should be identified for each through a process of live testing.

With winning content being targeted to each segment, your site will be in much better shape to exploit visitors, taking into account their differing needs at a given point in time.

The segmentation criteria can range from time or day of visit through SEO / PPC entry keyword right up to day of week or any combination therein.

Maxymiser Content Delta is an on-demand solution allowing marketers to build sophisticated and measurable conversion uplift by targeting visitor segments. By harnessing readily available information about your visitors such as the intent given in search terms, their purchase history or referring campaign, you can proactively target visitors with the content and offers proven to be most likely to result in a conversion.

Can you serve the content that is most likely to convert first time vs. returning visitors or target an offer to those who have previously purchased a related product?

Read more about Maxymiser Content Delta and start showing each visitor your winning content. Multivariate testing is only the start.

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