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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Another Client Success - 22% Increase in Life Insurance Searches

Maxymiser engaged the financial information website Moneynet with the goal of increasing the number of highly qualified leads delivered to partners.

Visitors arrive at the Life Insurance quote page after following a link from one of Moneynet’s highly targeted marketing emails. With such well qualified inbound traffic, it was felt that the conversion rate could be improved by optimising the form’s layout and design.

Elements tested using multivariate testing with live visitors included numerous layouts of the form fields and different styles of ‘proceed’ button.

The winning layout increased the number of visitors completing the form by 22%, significantly increasing the number of monetised clicks out to insurance partners.

Maxymiser’s results allowed Moneynet to make an informed decision on the best form layout to drive conversions. The client benefitted from a significant increase in bottom line revenue thanks to the increase in highly qualified leads passed to partners.

How do you ensure that your site effectively exploits all inbound traffic and drives it to your conversion goals?

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