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Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Multivariate Testing Case Study

Our client Fragrance Direct has just approved a case study detailing some of our recent success in improving their conversion rate. Just one multivariate test has delivered a 33% uplift in visitor entering the checkout process. That’s one more lead for every three that were entering prior to the test.

The initial multivariate testing focussed on the Fragrance Direct product page template, identified as a good candidate because it suffered a high abandon rate before our engagement. A number of subtle variations were tested with live visitors to determine the winning approach to improve conversion performance:

  1. the position of saving vs. RRP information
  2. the layout of stock level and add to bag button
  3. the page viewed after clicking ‘add to bag’

The winning page, shown to the right, delivered 33% more clicks into the checkout, significantly improving funnel performance and reducing the abandon rate of the product page.

Downstream metrics indicate that this improvement in traffic flow will have a significant effect on conversion to sale, delivering an ROI of multiple times Maxymiser’s fees. By proactively managing conversion rate with Maxymiser, Fragrance Direct was able to take effective action to improve site performance.

Jenny McKenna of Fragrance Direct, who spoke at our recent client seminar concludes that “live visitor testing with Maxymiser’s specialists allows us to continually challenge and beat the status quo, driving a continuous improvement in our online performance”. Fragrance Direct sells branded, discounted perfume, aftershaves, cosmetics,hair care, skincare and beauty products.

To read the full case study and see our complete selection of testimonials and references, please take a look at our multivariate testing case studies page.

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