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Monday, August 24, 2009

Can You Spot a Winning Webpage to Increase Conversion Rate?

User experience is becoming more competitive and analytical. An ever growing number of ecommerce marketers are moving to a process of making informed decisions about their online content based on the response of live visitors.

From the 100s of multivariate tests we have run, one thing strikes us time and time again: dull design elements turn visitors into customers. To prove the point we’re sharing the variants from a very dull test that we did that added the best part of £1m ($1.5m) to our client’s bottom line.

Take the increase conversion rate challenge now!

Not all of our tests are dull; increases in conversion rate arise from testing and improving content on pages from landing pages through to checkout pages and all the steps in-between. Our experience of running 100s of multivariate tests over the past three years gives us a unique advantage in knowing what to test and where on your site to best increase conversion rate.

Once you’ve completed our challenge and have hopefully been surprised by the results, drop us a note or give us a call to hear our take on why the winning page won.

Good luck!

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