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Friday, March 04, 2011

They Like Us...They Really Like Us!

During the fun, but busy time at Etail West last week, I was honored to find out that Maxymiser had secured its first award of 2011. Anne Holland's site is widely known in the A/B and multivariate testing community (who doesn't love to guess the winning test on a weekly basis?), and we are proud to be a part of it.

Deciding which great tests to enter was the tough part. I asked my testing teams to carefully think about their favorite tests from 2010 and specifically, which ones they felt had not only great conversion rate increases, but proved to be a stimulating and challenging task for them and the client. Choosing a test from Fragrance Direct was a no-brainer.

Heartbroken after putting a lot of effort (and budget!) into re-launching their website a few years back, only to be met with worse conversion rates, Fragrance Direct came to us in search of a new, data-driven path to customer satisfaction. We've done a lot of testing with this great company to help bring them back to the top of the perfume game, including home page upgrades, product page improvements, and search results optimization. And we've watched their corporate culture really embrace testing and optimization, which has had huge, positive impacts on their marketing and business development.

This recent (now award-winning!) test on their check-out page has proven to be one of the best yet. Specifically, we have been awarded the Best B2c CheckOut Page Test. A 23% increase in order placements resulted from the "winning" check-out page. And honestly, even if this didn't win us an "official" award, that's a huge win anyways in my book. It's what we're here to do for clients, day in and day out. So, congratulations to the real winners of this test, Fragrance Direct.

The Awards Judges were all too kind in their feedback about our testing approach, “We gave this test the Gold Award because the Maxymiser team really thought about buyer psychology. Do customers deep into the checkout process still need to see prominent images and info on
what they’re buying on each page? Or can you take it as a given and focus on the info for each particular page? (in this case shipping address info entered on the prior page.) Turns out maintaining “scent” or buyer excitement by showing the product as prominently as possible won in this case."

This feedback is so gratifying for me. It really speaks to the approach Maxymiser takes to each client, no matter which industry they sell in. Anyone can turn on a piece of technology and make it work, but turning it into a successful solution, and understanding the process behind it, as well as your target audience and the retail mind-set, is extremely important to getting the most out of A/B and multivariate testing.

With that being said, the awards come around again in August. We look forward to entering again and sharing the love with the testing world.

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