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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Trekking the U.S. with Maxymiser

It's hard to believe that we're in the last month of Q1 2011 already, which inevitebly means that trade show and conference season is well under way. Maxymiser attended our first big show of the year in February at eTail West 2011. I was just thankful that my booth showed up in one piece, while the rest of the Maxymiser attendees enjoyed networking, attending sessions, hosting our private, sponsored luncheon and eating some really great seafood (OK- so I had fun too.)

With the excitement of a successful show still fueling me, I returned back to NYC from a week in Palm Springs (hold your envy right there--I was literally working the entire time) and furiously mapped out the remainder of our speaking, sponsoring, exhibiting activities. We're excited to be attending some of the best shows it the U.S. this year. And hopefully, we'll bump into you along the way.

OMMA Metrics \\ March 23, 2011 \\ NYC

Created to bring together members of the digital measurement ecosystem, the OMMA series allows you to hear from industry experts and senior professionals who can provide their practitioner perspectives to answer your strategic and tactical questions and more. This conference brings together the best and the brightest in digital measurement today -- on-stage and in the audience -- for learning, listening, collaborating, and networking in order to evolve not only our companies and clients, but our entire industry. Maxymiser's Founder and President, Mark Simpson, will be moderating a panel presentation "Optimizing the Digital Experience: Testing Ads, Landing Pages, Content, and Features to Improve Conversion"

Join Us: OMMA Metrics Registration

The Future of Marketing: Technology-Driven Personalization \\ March 29, 2011 \\ eConference

You don't even have to leave your desk for this one. The Future of Marketing, a virtual 'microconference' featuring 60 luminaries each sharing critical trends, cutting-edge approaches, and big ideas in 60 seconds or less. In just one hour, participants will gain a 360-degree view of what's emerging and what will matter in marketing over the next several years. Join us as Maxymiser's Founder and President, Mark Simpson, gives his 60 second take on using technology to create personalized experiences.

Free Registration here.

Digital Hollywood \\ May 2-5, 2011 \\ Marina Del Ray, CA

Panelist Mark Simpson, Maxymiser President & Founder, will join the conversation about Social Media, Brands and Target Markets, The Apps: Dating, Comedy, News, Music, Kids, Teens, The Arts, Women, Sports, Politics, Religion etc. Transforming and Disassembling the World of Traditional Media and Communications

Register Here

Net.Finance \\ May 16-18, 2011 \\ Chicago, IL

Financial services marketers unite! Learn how to thrive in the digital marketplace, now that the economy is rebuilding! Financial marketing teams are looking for new ways to become part of their customers’ daily lives, and many marketers are using the latest digital technologies to give customers the most meaningful experience and to meet the growing demand for mobile financial services. Maxymiser is hosting private luncheon with a Financial Services digital marketing expert!

If you are interested in joining Maxymiser as our complimentary guest to this event, please email; or if you'd rather register on your own, go here.

Web Analytics Wednesday \\ May 18, 2011, 6:00PM \\ Chicago, IL

WAW returns to Chicago for a a night of networking, education and fun as digital marketers and web analytics gurus come together to learn from and for each other. Did I mention that Maxymiser is picking up the tab? Hurry and RSVP before your spot is taken.

Vist the Web Analytics Wednesday site.

EyeForTravel: Online Marketing Strategies for 2011 \\ June 6-8, 2011 \\ Miami, FL

It's gonna be hot, hot, hot in Miami. But not quite as hot as our Platinum Sponsorship of this pinnacle travel event! You could spend months researching the latest online marketing trends to affect the travel industry. Or you could attend EyeforTravel’s Online Marketing Strategies for Travel event and get all the answers you need in just 2 days! Look out for Maxymiser as we lead a keynote discussion, a panel, and some oh-so-cool personalized passports for all participants. We're so excited we can hardly contain who the our featured speaker will be. But, we have to (for now!).

Register Here

Shop.Org Annual Summit \\ Sept 12-14, 2011 \\ Boston, MA \\ Booth #551

A hop, skip and a train ride will put the Maxymiser team in Beantown for what's sure to be one of THE biggest events for the online retail world this year. We'll be setting up camp at booth 551, and there are sure to be some more fun surprises from Mayxmiser at this event, but in the meantime, be sure to reserve your spot and register. Last year was record-breaking attendance, can you imagine what this year will hold?

There's more on the way from Maxymiser. Stay posted on events and news on our website, Twitter or Facebook.

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