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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Vacation Should Start On Your Site

Summer is in full swing and most of us can't think about much more than our upcoming vacation, or are still browsing our own Facebook albums from our recent trip (come on, admit it, you know do it). Either way, I got to thinking about trip planning and how the online booking experience for nearly 20% of travelers is frustrating. Don't quote me on that, refer to Forrester.

1 in 5 travelers experience problems when booking their online travel. They can't figure out how to use their well-earned loyalty points or miles, or even complete a reservation or booking. Today's impatient traveler means that instead of calling your help line, they're fleeing to less-frustrating pastures--also known as your competitor.

Would-be travelers come to your site preparing to book a relaxing trip, and if you're making the first step in the process a hassle, it's a not a good [brand] impression in their minds. The good news is there are several steps sites can take in terms of multivariate testing, personalization and user experience to ensure the visitor experience is seamless and easy. And next time they are ready to take flight, they are more likely to head your way knowing you operate with their needs in mind.

For these tips on making your travel site vacationer-friendly, head over to MediaPost to read the entire article here.

Bon Voyage!

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