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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Finish Line, Inc. Teams Up with Maxymiser for Multivariate Testing

As a follow up to last week's announcement about a new Maxymiser retail client, Teleflora, we have another client to add to the docket: Finish Line. 

In addition to their booming online and mobile shopping presence, Finish Line operates over 660 stores in malls across the United States. More than 11,000 Finish Line sneakerologists help Finish Line customers each day connect with their sport, their life and their style. Clearly, Finish Line understands the value of providing exceptional experiences--both offline and online--to their customers.

With our OneTouch™ methodology, we've been able to get Finish Line multivariate testing and optimization campaigns off the ground quickly, without the need for coding and lengthy change control processes through their internal IT department. This means low cost ofownership, incredibly fast time to market and the ability to launch multiple test campaigns at once. Any retailer knows that being able to stay up to speed with seasonality, holidays, and savvy customers is a key to be successful in retail--that's why we've made Maxymiser's Conversion Management platform easy to launch, use and discover consumer insights.  

Welcome aboard Finish Line! You can find the full press release here.   

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