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Monday, April 16, 2007

Make Your Content the Star of the Show!

Maxymiser's focus is optimising your website. The unique aspect to our approach is that we don't have a 'little black book' of magical tricks or any other way to preach to you about what will work best on your site. We can certainly make creative suggestions but the crux is that your users decide what content is going to make them most likely to buy your goods or services!

Inside the building we like the analogy that our optimization is akin to a TV talent show like Fame Academy[1]. Our clients take some time designing different messaging, photos and forms for their pages and then we serve the 'contestants' out in equal proportions to web visitors.

As web visitors arrive at the site, we monitor their behaviour. The content that makes them click to buy (or register or any other key metric) gains a 'vote' every time a visitor does this. After we've collected in a statistically valid number of votes, we make sure only the best contestants are displayed in future 'episodes'. Eventually a winner is shown to your visitors; this being the contestant that has the highest chance of turning browsers into buyers.

So let us work with you to find the web content that is going to be your star performer and get your conversions up!

[1] you can also look at it the other way around if you're the "glass half empty" type and say it's like big brother - the content that doesn't get votes gets evicted and isn't shown to future visitors because it was no good at converting them to buyers and making you money.

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