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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Why Do You Need Multivariate Testing? - 5 Reasons

This is taken from our monthly newsletter, scroll down for 5 reasons why you should be carrying out Multivariate testing!

Optimisation of your website is a frequently overlooked subject, good SEO and PPC bring the visitors while Content Optimisation, often forgotten, makes sure they convert (buy, book, register, click through, etc) and bring you revenue from your website.

Conversion rate is just the technical term for the percentage of website visitors that complete your set goals. If it's an e-commerce site selling widgets, the conversion rate is the number of people successfully buying a widget as a percentage of the total number of visitors, it's that simple! Here's a diagram too:

1. Know What Works (& What Doesn’t) – Never worry about whether particular site content helps people convert or not. Test it and see. If something doesn’t help, remove it, if it helps then do more of it.

2. Increase Conversions Without Increasing Spend – Your existing PPC and banner campaigns might be well tested and giving you good click rates. However, this traffic is wasted if 70% of people abandon your site at the homepage. Multivariate testing keeps people on your site longer and increases the chance they will convert.

3. Customer Loyalty – Categorise your customers and find who responds best to different creative designs. With segmented multivariate testing it is easy to serve different content to different customers. Your 65+ visitors will react to different content to your 18-25s.

4. Stop Guessing – Ask anyone who is involved in running your website (marketing, design, development, management) how to improve it and you will uncover a list of hundreds of ideas, all different. Through using content optimisation it is easy to test all of this with no long implementation timelines and statistically prove what works best for your conversion rates and what doesn’t. You no longer have to test ideas one after the other in a long A/B testing cycle – get results in days, test multiple areas, then move on with increased revenue.

5. Maintain Your Competitive Edge – In a competitive marketplace, it is suicide to stand still. As competitors and new entrants develop and push to lower CPA, the easiest way to beat them is through increasing your conversion rate, giving more money to spend on traffic driving activities and significantly increasing ROI. Through content optimisation we have never found a site we have not increased the conversion of, increases up to 200% and beyond are within your grasp.

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