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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Search Brings Footfall, Landing Pages Sell Product

Pre-click is only half the search marketing story, effective management of onsite content will give real returns in testing times.

In the current economic climate, marketers and business owners need to take a close look at how they can improve the effectiveness of their websites, and how they can be proactive in the management of conversion and click-through rates in order to maintain the profitability of acquisition campaigns.

Clever use of media spend is only one half of the online marketing story. It brings footfall and can be optimised to bring visitors who are most likely to purchase. However, in most cases, when that high quality traffic arrives onsite, conversions are monitored rather than managed.

Can you tell whether your site as effective as it could be at engaging and converting visitors?

By using conversion management technology, marketers can obtain clear statistical proof of the combinations of web content and design work most successfully in converting sales and delivering customers, and which do not.

Conversion management draws upon existing best practice in the offline world. Direct mail marketers were honing their copywriting skills in just this way through most of the 20th century, keeping the copy that worked and binning that which didn’t. Conversion management closes the loop on this process and allows on-site marketers to learn exactly what drives increased sales.

Wickes recently benefitted from a 9% increase in online sales by making relatively subtle changes to their sign in / registration page and testing these with live visitors against default content.

During these testing times, it is the ability to make significant changes to online content and design without incurring significant business risk that provides online marketers with a fantastic platform to improve website performance.

By taking this action now, online marketers will be able to ride out the current economic storm and more importantly, they will be well positioned to build market share when conditions improve. Over 60 brands are currently benefitting from our conversion management services, all seeing increases in performance that buck current market trends.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you benefit from proactive conversion management in your online business.

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