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Monday, February 02, 2009

Multivariate Testing Delivers a 44% Increase in Conversion Rate for Freedom Finance

Freedom Finance, one of the UK's leading finance brokers in personal loans to homeowners recently benefitted from a 44% increase in completed quote applications.

After using Maxymiser Content MVT (multivariate testing) to discover landing page content that drove a 45% increase in the number of visitors starting an application, Freedom Finance was eager to ensure that the pages within the process were effectively exploiting that traffic.

A number of different approaches to areas of content on the application form pages were developed and Maxymiser multivariate testing (multivariable testing) was used to optimise the response of live visitors.

The winning layout, shown on the right, increased the number of visitors completing the quote process by 44 per cent, delivering significantly more qualified leads to the Freedom Finance call centre team.

Commenting on the results, John Pickering of Freedom Finance added “By putting numbers to the performance of page content, Maxymiser enabled us to make the most of our traffic, to the benefit of our bottom line.”

By constantly discovering better performing web content, Maxymiser allows onsite marketers to continually improve sales in a measurable and low-risk way. Download the full Freedom Finance multivariate testing case study from the Maxymiser website to read more.

Freedom Finance were able to make an informed decision on the content best suited to driving more completed quotes from existing traffic, increasing sales and driving down cost per acquisition in the process. Would you like to do the same for your site? Contact us to learn more.

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