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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Guess the Winning Test - The Results are In!

Thank you to those of you who took part in our recent Guess the Winning Test competition. As promised, here is the page that produced the biggest increase in conversions for ASDA (A division of Walmart):

So, how did you do?
Nearly 75% of marketers guessed the wrong variant!

But don't feel bad if you didn't choose correctly, it happens to the best of us! Which is why we here at Maxymiser will always firmly stand behind the notion that making content decisions about your web or mobile site based on subjective opinion can be dangerous and even costly.

Multivariate testing is not a secret solution that only a few brands are using. But, Maxymiser’s Content Optimization solutions—including A/B testing, multivariate testing, segment targeting and online behavioral targeting—take the guesswork away from your creative process and empowers your creative teams to deliver the optimal website experience. Coupled with our best-in-class reporting dashboards, this unrivaled depth of insight will help you determine the best design and site content for your brand, while enabling a continuous content optimization program.

If you are interested in making your web and mobile data actionable and pro-actively pursuing conversion rate increases, let us know. In the meantime, our case studies can help you see how many brands globally are letting live customer data guide their marketing strategies to improve revenue.

And keeps your eyes peeled next month for another chance at Guess the Winning Test!


Mark Simpson
Founder and President
Maxymiser, Inc.

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