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Friday, February 11, 2011

Maxymiser Plays Cupid

I admit it. Valentine’s Day isn’t a holiday that tends to be top of mind for me. I am, after all, a guy. And most guys have to set ten calendar reminders just to remember their wedding anniversary.

But I’m not totally unaware of the social pressures of the holiday, and the Maxymiser team has worked with plenty of companies that want to optimize their sites for the big day. (Plan the perfect romantic evening! Buy flowers! Chocolate! Lingerie!). We’ve also worked with a couple of dating sites such as and DatetheUK (now both All of which got me, and some of the team around here thinking: What if we put our optimization skills to use for one particular group out there that might be looking for a little help this time of year?

With that in mind, we put our heads together to come up with online dating profile optimization tips for the lovelorn out there who are hoping to land a big date for the big day. The complete article appears on MarketingProfs today, and I hope you’ll check it out.

No, it’s not scientific. No, I don’t guarantee success. But it can help you up your online dating game, get your profile noticed, and attract some [more] attention. So go, optimize, and land a date.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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