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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

How Good is Your Gut?

Here at Maxymiser, we've been watching website conversion rates of online brands for the last few years. Last year, we asked a sample of marketers to guess the best converting website content from four options and only 4.6% got it right.

What's interesting is that many large brands are still making fundamental changes without measurement of their success or failure against defaults. User experience has become more competitive and analytical and the risk previously inherent in making changes can be removed.

To prove the point, we'd like to invite you to have a go at guessing the winning page from four variations of ASDA-Walmart's product page: Guess the Winner

One of them delivered our client a significant uptick in conversions. Guess which one and you could be selected to receive a free MVT test of your own.

We'll announce the winners next week!

Good Luck,

Mark Simpson
Founder and President, Maxymiser, Inc.

Twitter: @MarkJ_Simpson

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